Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to read with ease the Norman Lewis's book: Word Power Made Easy

One thing i noticed remarkably is anyone who is ultra enthusiastic on learning new words,expanding the horizons of vocabulary has unmistakenly came across the genious of Norman Lewis: Word Power Made Easy (WPME).And i have one too! Whenever my friends stumble upon my WPME they just repeat the words:"oh,carry on...its a good book.".That's may be the reason why its a perrenial one of the best sellers of all time.

The point is how should one proceed with the book? The Author writes on the preface:" Dont read this book!!
Instead , work with it.write in it,talk,aloud to it,talk back to it-use your pen or pencil,your voice,not just your eyes and mind.
". But its very difficult to recall what one has read after marking with pencils,analysing,having a relook at the book again.It look odd to take notes too....i would like to share how i took notes of the words and its origins...

As the book contents is divided into topics like:
1. How to talk about Science and Scientists. 2.How to talk about liars and lying. the topics can be divided likewise.

EXAMPLE:Try to make notes like the following and refer regularly...

How to talk about actions
  • To malign
    • malus:'bad','evil'
      • malediction:'an evilsaying'
        • 'dico','dictus':'to say or tell'
      • malevolent
        • 'volo':'to wish','to will'
      • maleficent
        • 'facio','factus':'to do'or'make'